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About Us

West Greene Middle School was founded July 2020. Students from the Glenwood, McDonald, and Mosheim communities are zoned to our school. Currently we are located on the Mosheim School campus. WE ARE ONE! 

Vision Statement                            

The vision for WGMS students is to be safe, responsible, respectful, technologically capable, and academically successful.                                                          




At West Greene Middle School we are committed to…


  • Working together as a professional learning community. 
  • Making decisions on what is best for all students.
  • Establishing partnerships with the home and community.
  • Utilizing resources to ensure that all students achieve at high levels.
  • Providing students with a variety of learning experiences.
  • Implementing instructional programs that develop the whole child.



West Greene Middle School Pledge

Buffalo Pledge

West Greene Buffalo Crest - Our Crest represents the merging of students from Glenwood, McDonald, and Mosheim.

WGMS Crest


The purple heart symbolizes the devotion of a brother Indian. The green hills embody the strength of the Hornets. The red laurel crown represents the wisdom of the Chiefs. The gold ribbon at the bottom represents a successful new beginning of our all of our students at West Greene Middle School. The sun rising above the mountain represents our faculty and staff’s desire to empower wisdom and cultivate a secure learning environment for all students.


Together we form the Mighty Buffaloes of West Greene Middle School.


West Greene Middle School Is a Member Of:

Tennessee Middle School Association (TMSAA)

Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE)

Trauma Informed School